Canada after 9/11 – Vient de paraître…

Numéro qui fait suite au colloque organisé par notre Centre le 11 septembre 2011 sous la direction de Sandrine Tolazzi

This issue of International Journal looks into the way the changes brought on by 9/11 can be interpreted as a result of the emergence of new representations of the world order. Contributors from different backgrounds demonstrate that such representations do not necessarily correspond to any tangible reality, although they tend to provide a hegemonic framework of interpretation for many political, economic, and social events.


Canada after 9/11 (guest editor : Sandrine Tolazzi)

Living together: Canada, 10 years after 9/11 by Sandrine Tolazzi

The Canada-US relationship one decade after 9/11 by Earl Fry

The cost of bandwagoning: Canada-US defence and security relations after 9/11 by Jean-Christophe Boucher

The Clash of perceptions‚ in Canada since 9/11: A study of the Canadian Arab community’s communications by Lynne Franjié

The difficult integration of Muslims into Québec since 9/11: International or local dynamics? Marie McAndrew and Mahsa Bakhshaei

The geopolitical meaning of a contemporary visual arts upsurge at the Canada-US border by Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary

A new border? A Canadian perspective on the Canada-US border post-9/11 by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Over the transom

An unexpected war, a not-unexpected mission: The origins of Kandahar 2005 by Matthew Willis

Is Ottawa following Washington ‘s lead in foreign policy? Evidence from the Arab Spring by Jonathan Paquin

Historical influences on India’s foreign policy by Taru Dalmia and David M. Malone

The lessons of history

Diplomacy and cultural understanding: Learning from US policy toward Indonesia under Sukarno by Baskara T. Wardaya

Blasts from the past

“A great small country on the international scene”: Looking back at Canada and the United Nations by Adam Chapnick

Coming attractions

America’s Pacific pivot by David A. Beitelman


Theodore McLaughlin on Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s and Alistair Smith’s The Dictator’s Handbook

Frédéric Mérand on Sylvain Brouard, Olivier Costa, and Thomas K√∂nig, eds., The Europeanization of Domestic Legislatures

David Webster on Greg Donaghy and Michael K. Carroll, eds., In the National Interest

Jessica N. Trisko on Stephen Brown, ed., Struggling for Effectiveness

Ingrid Knutson on Rajiv Chandrasekaran ‘s Little America

A. Faure

Chercheur CNRS en science politique au laboratoire PACTE (Université de Grenoble Alpes - France)

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