Programme de Master et Doctorat en Études Canadiennes à Trent University



Echéance d’admission : 1er février 2012

The Canadian Studies Ph.D. program offered at Trent University is the

first of its kind in Canada. It is designed for students interested in

pursuing research in an interdisciplinary context. This program is

offered jointly by the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous

Studies at Trent University in Peterborough (about 90 minutes from

Toronto), and the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton University in

Ottawa. Please see the attached brochure about the Frost Centre.  We

welcome students interested in advancing the body of scholarly research

that comprises Canadian Studies. Please see the following link for more

information about our PhD:   It has six

broadly defined areas of concentration: Culture, Literature, and the

Arts; Environment and Heritage; Policy, Economy and Society; Identities;

and Women’s Studies. Students enjoy the benefits of working in close

collaboration with faculty, while enhancing their knowledge of the field

through the collegiality of student peers, research fellows, visiting

speakers and invited guests. We offer competitive financial support to

our students.


Our Master’s programme in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies has

established itself as the foremost program of its kind. With Canada as

both a subject and context for inquiry, the MA areas of study include

Canada in a global context; cultural heritage, literature, theory and

the arts; environmental politics, policy and natural heritage;

Aboriginal peoples; political economy, labour and community development;

women and gender; identities and difference in Canada.  Reflecting the

breadth of the field itself, this multidisciplinary program draws upon

the scholarly knowledge and expertise from the humanities, social

sciences and other interdisciplinary fields. Master’s students select

between a twelve month course and research-based program, or a

twenty-four month course and thesis-based option.  Please see the

following link for more information about our MA:

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